Fun in a Winter Wonderland

It has slowly dawned on me over the past few years, that there are people out there who truly seem to hate winter weather.  This was so completely foreign to me that I’ve ended up spending time reflecting on this and trying to figure it out.  Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems to me that a vast number (if not all) of these people who profess to hate winter, are actually those who hibernate indoors as much as possible from October to May.

Now, I guess if you truly hate something you do try to avoid it, but I have a suspicion that the very reason that winter-dislikers have such animosity toward the season is exactly because they don’t get out to enjoy it!

Way too many people seem to lose that childlike wonder at snow and cold temperatures as they choose to replace the fun of winter with winter drudgery.  If my only outdoor experiences in the winter revolved around snow shovelling, driving in snow and running to and from house, car and work in clothing unfit for the weather I would likely find myself hating winter too.

Remember back, if you will, to the childhood joys of winter.  Remember snow days and weekends filled with snow angels, snowmen, sledding, snowshoeing, games of tag, ice skating on a frozen pond, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, the sunlight sparkling off the snow as you ran through fresh, unmarked powder or the wonder of feeling snowflakes melt on your tongue as they fell?

I think it is long past time for many of us to get outside (yes, in the winter) and have some fun!  Put down the shovels and car scrapers and salt.  Bundle yourself up and go out to play.

A bit impediment to winter fun is feeling cold, so make sure you have the right gear.  There are many outdoors stores that would be happy to help you find the right things or even how to properly layer the items you already have to ensure that you stay warm and dry whatever your activity.  Most people’s’ experience of feeling cold during the winter is related to being inappropriately dressed (or from not moving around enough while outside).  Trust me when I say that while I may feel a little cool for the first 10 min or so outside, by the time I get active, I am opening my coat and taking off layers as I get too hot!

Equipment does not have to be expensive or elaborate.  Simply walking in the winter (especially with others to chat with) can be a great way to get started.  If you had a favourite childhood winter activity, check out local used sports stores or outdoor stores to get you ready to jump back into it.

For those of you out there who are moaning and complaining about the weather from October through May, you’re absolutely right.  The adult tendency to make snow and cold only about drudgery and work is no fun at all.  Maybe, however,  it’s time to get up, get dressed warmly and get outside to play!  What better way to stay healthy, be active, remember great moments from our past and have some fun!


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