I had the great privilege of attending a wedding yesterday.  I actually never expected to be included in this event so it was an even greater blessing.  You see, the woman who was getting married was a great friend of mine . . . back in highschool.  I have actually only seen her a couple of times since we graduated in 1998.  One of these times was a chance meeting while both of us were out shopping over a year ago.  We spent only a few minutes catching up and exchanged current email addresses before parting ways.  Despite our good intentions to keep in contact, we exchanged only a few emails.

To my great surprise a couple of months ago she sent me an email inquiring about my mailing address so that she could send me a wedding invitation.  I responded promptly, excited to once again reconnect with her and to (at least in some way) become part of each other’s lives again.  As the wedding date approached I was actually a bit reluctant.  As much as I was excited for her, I was also attending on my own and with some much time and space between us I expected to know few if any other people at the wedding.  She did email to reassure me that two of our most beloved highshool teachers would also be attending.

Very shortly after arriving at the venue where both the ceremony and reception were to be held, her groom, whom I had never met marched right up to me to introduce himself.  Moments later, her mother approached me, greeting me as if I were a long-lost friend (I had only met her a few times back in highschool).  Already I was feeling very welcomed and overwhelmed (in a good way) with their kindness.

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with my music teachers from so many years earlier and had such a good time chatting with them and meeting new people at my table.  I’m usually not one for crowds of people and find meeting too many new people at once to be a bit intimidating.  God blessed me that time with a quick memory for everyone’s names which certainly helped!  The wedding itself was an incredible mix of Muslim Indian and Germany Christian traditions and elements and the Indian attire worn by most of the attendees was beautiful.

During the bride speech, I was astounded to hear myself mentioned in thanks for attending.  In a room full of roughly 200 guests, I couldn’t believe she would single me out along with a handful of others (including our music teachers) in such recognition!

The whole evening was such a huge blessing to me and so, so much fun.  I’m so glad that tamped down my reluctance and chose to attend the event.  I am so excited still to have been included and to have this incredible opportunity to begin to reconnect with her (and her new husband) more consistently and to begin to weave our lives back together again in great friendship.  I am also so excited to have reconnected with my music teachers and to have had so much time to catch up with them.  It was so special to be able to look back to remembering some of my greatest memories of highschool and then to be able to look forward to what God has been doing since and where He’s leading me next.

Mostly I am so honoured to have been there and am so thankful to God for prompting this reconnection and for prodding me to go and be open to having a good time.  Only a great God who cares about the intimate details of our lives and our relationships could have orchestrated a chance meeting that led to a wonderful reconnection!  I encourage you all to think back to an earlier time in your life to someone you cared about or had a relationship with that you might be able to rekindle.  Perhaps a letter, a phone call, an email could allow you to make a new reconnection that’s just as meaningful.


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