Digging in the Dirt

I spent much of my time over the last week out in the garden.  I was late getting started this year but I can finally relax that my veggies are in and ready to grow.  As much as I appreciate flowers and I enjoy the space in the garden where I’ve managed to create a bit of an oasis in the midst of a busy city around me, my spring itch is always to get the veggies in the ground.

Somehow being out digging around in the dirt becomes therapeutic for me.  Such a simple pleasure of working the soil, laying out the plot, planting the seeds and young plants and yet it always makes me feel more complete somehow.  There’s something about gardening that aligns me with God’s creative power.  Something that reminds me that He has ordained life on this planet to revolved around birth and growth, death and rebirth.  Something about ultimately trusting Him for the growth that will happen over the summer.

Regardless of how much effort and care I put into preparing the ground for the seeds, caring for the young plants, watering and so on, there is nothing in my power that could cause a seed to grow.  Only God in His infinite wisdom could come up with a system that requires so much of my time and energy but that ultimately demands my trust.  Trust in the process that He has established and critical trust in the Creator God.

Gardening reminds me so much of that truth – that my life is about making every effort I can for His glory and then ultimately standing back and trusting Him for the outcome, for the harvest.  Digging around in the dirt always reminds me of who He is and who I am in Him and points me back into right relationship with Him (and a right view of my own efforts).

How great that something seemingly so insignificant can be used by God for His own good purpose.  May you each turn your faces toward God as you get out this spring to muck around in the dirt.


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