One Year Post-Zimbabwe

I was applying for my passport renewal last week and found myself looking through the stamps and visas contained in my last one.  It’s funny that a simple ink stamp can bring back so many great memories!   It was exactly one year ago this week that I was traveling around Zimbabwe for the first time.  It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since that time.  God has been working in a lot of areas in my life since then and, while in some ways the growth feels slow or non-existent, when I look back over the year I do indeed see some changes.

We have been focussing this past month at church on the Word of God.  We had a fantastic learning weekend around how to understand and study both the Old and New Testaments.  I’ve found that I have a renewed desire to get into God’s Word these days and that the more I do, the more that desire grows!  What an awesome God we serve who keeps stretching us and moving us in the direction of knowing Him more fully.  I can hardly wait to see what He has for me in this next year. I’m hopeful that a move to Africa will come this year but I’m also content in knowing that He has not forgotten me here on the path to Africa.  He is continuing to work in my life and He is forever faithful to complete the work He began in me!  I am excited to see what that will look like over the next year.


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