What a great weekend!  As I was spending some time today in quietness it occurred to me anew just how much I have to be thankful for this year.

The top of that list include my Friends and family especially my niece and nephew who are both so much fun right now.  An overabundance of material blessings and food including the remaining harvest picked out of my own garden this afternoon.   A great job that I love with great co-workers and managers.  Being able to have (even a small impact) in the lives of families in Hamilton as a Lactation Consultant.  A great church where I am challenged to live out my faith and encouraged to grow in my relationship with God and with others.   Good health and the ability now to do most anything I choose to do with myself.

At the very top of the list is the amazing grace that God has bestowed on me by allowing His one and only Son to pay the penalty for my sins, freeing my from the cost of that sin once and for all!  What an incredible blessing.  Words fail to convey my thanks to the one and only God who died to set the captives free!

In great celebration and thanksgiving, Carrie


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