End of Summer

It’s amazing how quickly this summer has passed us by.  It seems like such a short time ago that we were gearing up for summer vacations and suddenly school is back in session.  It’s funny to me that even though I’m no longer in school and not all that affected by the start of September, my heart still wistfully looks back at the summer days past and turns forward to focus on the new season ahead.  Something about getting back into routines and schedules I guess.

In any case, there is something reassuring about settling into Fall and I’m looking forward to crisp mornings and evenings and seeing leaves change colour as we get into my favourite season of Fall.

I am also hopeful that the Fall will bring some new opportunities for me to share with individuals, churches and groups about God’s call for me to minister in Zimbabwe.  If any of you know of any additional opportunities for speaking engagements or have contacts that you think would like to hear more of my story (or see my pics) please let me know.

I hope the start of Fall finds you all well and looking forward to the days ahead.  Blessings to You All!


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